Reviewing Glossier Products

When Glossier finally launched in the UK, I couldn't wait to place an order. I had seen a lot about the brand online and I was itching to get my hands on some of their raved about products. 

The first Glossier product that I heard about was their balm Dotcom, that was a few years ago now. Then it gradually began to seep into the mainstream and many bloggers started to talk more about the brand. My Marketing heart fell in love the simple branding, the ease of use and simplicity of their products. I would be filled with jealousy when people were able to visit their showroom in New York, thinking that I would never get my mitts on something to try. 

Back in October 2017, Glossier finally launched into the UK market and I was straight online placing an order. So here's a run down of what I bought and what I think. 

So What I Bought;

1. The Phase 1 set, £35 LINK!
2. The Phase 2 Set, £35 LINK!
3. Birthday Balm DOTcom, £10 LINK!

I felt that for a first time buyer, the 'phase sets' would be a good place for me to start and get a feel for what I liked. As for the Birthday Balm DOTcom - I just like sparkles. 

What do I think?

Phase 1 set:

Milky Jelly Cleanser
I was probably the most excited to try this product and it did not disappoint. This gel cleanser is perfect for my morning cleanse, it smells slightly of roses and feels amazing on the skin. It leaves me feeling clean and revitalised without drying out my skin. It is very gentle and therefore not one for removing make-up.

Priming Moisturiser
With this one I was slightly apprehensive to try this, many people had expressed their disappointment and had opted for the more heavy duty equivalent. However, I really enjoy this moisturiser. It is very thin in consistency and absorbs straight into the skin. The word 'priming' may put you off but it doesn't feel tacky at all. Make-up applies smoothly over the top and all round leaves my skin feeling moisturised and prepped. 

Balm DOTcom
Probably the most cult product to come from Glossier, everyone and their mother seems to have this handbag staple. I picked up both the original and the birthday version. Both have the same thick consistency, a little reminiscent of Vaseline but with a matte finish to be honest. Now lip balms is where I can be VERY picky, I am a loyal enthusiast of Elizabeth Arden. I don't feel that Balm DOTcom is overly moisturising BUT it is a great barrier to have on your lips during the cold UK winter and is also great to apply to dry skin and cuticles for a quick fix. 

Phase 2 set:

Boy Brow
I was excited to try this, I don't really put a lot of effort into my brows (they're already very prominent) so I mostly put a little tinted gel on and off I pop. Therefore I knew I would love this product, it has a miniscule wand which is easy to control and evenly distributes the gel through the brows. It gives a natural finish and locks hair into place, more importantly it won't run if you get caught in the rain!

Stretch Concealer
I wasn't sure what I was expecting from this one. It is a lightweight gel, brightens my eye bags and makes me look wide awake when I've probably only slept for a few hours. I really enjoy this product, and most importantly it doesn't crease on me! It does feel like it has a slightly dewy finish so I find it doesn't look cakey and I don't powder on top either. 

For reference, I picked up the shade Light and I have pale skin with a yellow undertone. 

Generation G - Cake
This product is described as a sheer matte lipstick, which is exactly what it is. The shade Cake is a nude brown and leaves a light wash of colour across the lips. It's easy to apply without needing a mirror and isn't drying. I'm not fond of the smell, it's a bit like playdough. 

I think the whole range delivers a great, effortless approach to make-up and is perfect for those can't be bothered/woke up late kind days. Overall I am very happy with the items I chose and I will be purchasing more from the range in due course. 

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