Hello 2018, Let's Do Something New

Whenever the New Year roles around I often find myself in the mind set of, this year will be different. This year I will set goals and actually try and maintain them. Often, case in point 2017, I forget about them in a few days and quickly return to my old habits and staying firmly in my comfort zone. But as the year drew to a close I found a revelation, I'm bored. I need something new.

This year I am setting myself 3 goals. Similar to last year, only one never got out of the starting gate, one lasted a week and the other I have sort of made an effort in dribs and drabs through the year. But as I look back over 2017 I was surprised to find myself thinking, I'm bored of living my life this way, I'm tired of never DOING anything and being stuck in a rut watching the last of my twenties pass me by. 

So, this year I really am going to make an effort. 

1) Gain my independent wings
For as long as I can remember I have given into my fears. Fear of doing things alone, fear of being alone, and as I recently discovered fear of making the red light buzz in the popular children's game of Operation. There have been countless things that I have missed out on because I was too afraid to do it alone, most recently being too scared to go to Las Vegas and seeing my queen Britney Spears' final NYE show. This year I am challenging myself to go it alone, be an Independent Woman. Starting off small of course with cinema trips alone, sitting in a coffee shop and finally posting a video to YouTube ignoring the fear of judgement from others because its what I WANT TO DO!

2) Be kind to myself
Perhaps closely linked to the above but this year I am choosing to be kind to myself. I can't tell you the amount of times I have walked away from a conversation and cringed at myself for something I said, or allowed an awkward encounter to suddenly pop up in my mind 5 years later only for me to continue to beat myself up about it. I want to focus on loving myself and accepting that yes, I am a bit weird sometimes but that doesn't automatically mean that people hate me. Start putting more into the friends I do have, 'cause they're a fabulous bunch.

3) Improve my relationship with food
I'm a Taurus and therefore I love my food. But my relationship with food has never been straight forward. Recently I have discovered a new enjoyment in cooking and trying new things and this is something I want to explore more of in the coming year. I kid you not my kitchen windowsill is FULL of recipe books and it's time to don my apron and start creating new and exciting foods that I would have been to afraid to attempt. So what if it tastes awful or I throw it away, at least I tried it. Same with restaurants, I am notorious for going to ANY restaurant and asking for a burger and chips. But this time I challenge myself to try something different, I mean still something I would enjoy lets not get too ahead of ourselves.

Essentially with all of these combined, I want to create something I have never allowed myself to have - peace. I just want to feel happy with the direction I am going in and the person I let myself become. 

Ohh that got deep real quick. 

2018 - I got this. 

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