It's OK to take a career break


Sometimes not everything in life goes to plan. 

Back in March this year, I made a brave and what I thought was an educated decision to leave a happy job for a role that promised all the bells and whistles. Fast forward to June and I was deeply unhappy, I would wake up on a Sunday morning already filled with dread of returning to work until finally something had to give. So finding myself unemployed and with time on my hands to really evaluate my career, I decided I needed to stop putting so much pressure on myself to make everything 'perfect' and just give myself a break. 

Over the last month I took up a job that was manual labour and required none of the skills I had honed over the years. In return I noticed that my migraines had stopped, I wasn't finding myself with a cold/flu each week, I had more structure in my daily life and I was not filled with constant dread.

The experience has taught me that it is not worth making yourself ill by staying in a workplace environment that makes you seriously unhappy. When I was younger my Uncle gave the advice of 'work to live, don't ever live to work.' I never understood what those words meant until I joined the corporate world and now I hold them close to me. There are people in my life who told me to suck it up and stay in my job because no one like their job. To that I say FUCK OFF. I would rather wake up and look forward to seeing my team and working on projects I can throw myself into than cry in my car on my lunch break. 

So what happens now?

Well that is a bloody good question. I have started reading the book Get your shit together by Sarah Knight and I also have The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin waiting in the wings, all in a bid to help me get my life together. I have also been more selective in the job hunting process. While I am applying for roles suitable to my skills, I am being a lot more cautious in researching the companies I choose to apply/work for. 

For those of you who are deeply unhappy in a job and just need to escape, I would say ensure you have savings in the bank that could cover your bills for up to 3 months and make the brave choice to seek new opportunities. Your sanity is worth more!

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