Lip plumping seems to have quickly gained a lot of attention over the last few years, especially since Ms Jenner debuted her luscious pout. However, not all of us are prepared to face the needle in search of the perfect lips and thankfully there are many products on the market that can help you instead. The GLAMGLOW Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment is the latest entry. 

While their packaging has faced some criticism, personally I enjoy being told Hello Sexy especially when I am not being catcalled by a middle aged builder. 

The offering from GLAMGLOW comes in two formuas, matte and gloss and retails at £18. I chose the matte formula, though I wouldn't say it was matte, there is a definite shine to lips after it is given time to try down. 

This promises to plump, prime and perfect your lips and create a perfect canvas to apply your lip colour. The packaging was fun to play with, a twist up cap before you pull out the wand. 

The plastic wand is a teardrop shape with a small hole in the middle and dispenses a lot of product. With the product it is a watery and white consistency which seems slightly uhh sexual. Once applied, the tingling takes a moment to kick in, and I have accidentally got some on my tongue and it did tingle A LOT. When the tingling/plumping sensation begins it is not painful or extreme. It is a light pins and needles feeling that is fine. I would wear this alone, but I tend to apply this while I am putting on the rest of my make-up giving it time to work it's magic. 

So did it work??

I did notice a little bit of plumping but more noticeable was the smoothing of the fine lines within my lips. It also made my lipstick look much better! Did it make my lipstick last longer? No it didn't. However, it has now become a recurring necessity in my make-up routine and in my mind, gives me younger looking lips!

It can be purchased from many places online, fortunately GLAMGLOW has grown to be a lot more accessible in the UK market.  

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