May Reading List: Katie Fforde and Clare Mackintosh

So far I have managed to keep up my resolution of reading more books and once again I have managed to read two books in May. 
The books I read last month were:

Katie Fforde: A Summer At Sea

Clare Mackintosh: I See You

I have been reading Katie Fforde for some years now, her books are the perfect beach read. They are easy going, easy to follow, funny anecdotes and just a nice chic lit. With Clare Mackintosh, I haven't read anything by her before but I have heard some great reviews on her work so I was excited to read this one. 

So here is what I thought;

Katie Fforde A Summer At Sea
I have found that books by Katie Fforde follow a similar format, a woman who is usually an independent woman and doesn't need a man to mess everything up, she then has some big event effect her life (trying to fix a business or a new job or new home) she then is able to turn things around, form a community of helpful friends and of course meet the man of her dreams. The books are just a bit of lighthearted reading and are fun and I do usually gravitate towards them during the summer months. 

This book didn't disappoint. We join Emily, a midwife in the midst of controversy who is offered a sabbatical and joins her best friend on her hotel/boat for the summer, she meets countless new people and makes herself quite at home. She meets a handsome local doctor and enjoys life in Scotland before having to return home. 

It was a very quick read and I did get through it in a few days making this a perfect beach read. While I do usually enjoy these reads, I found myself becoming very annoyed with the book, the repetition of people frowning on a woman of a certain age being single and without children yet the main character just kind of brushing it off actually struck a sensitive cord with me. I felt it was an unnecessary element added to the book. 

Clare Mackintosh I See You
Oh. My. God. 
I have not read a book that had me on the edge of my seat for a long time. 

The story follows Zoe Walker on her everyday life until she sees a photo of herself in a classified advert, listed with nothing but a telephone number and a website. We also follow Kelly Swift who is working tirelessly to figure out how the adverts are connected. There are so many plot twists and gripping moments throughout the book that I was constantly wanting to know more. 

Once I finished the book, it genuinely made me sit and think about things, mainly how the events of the book could so very easily happen in real life. 

There you have it, a brief overview of what I am reading lately. 

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