Revlon ColorStay Creme Eyeshadow

We all have certain brands that we go back to for certain products. For me, Revlon has always been for the infamous ColorStay foundation, which is still part of my collection, and their variety of lip products. I had never considered Revlon for eye products.

I had heard whispers of these shadows when they launched in America but I hadn't realised they had launched in the UK in April. When I saw them at my local boots I snapped up all 6 available shades so I could try them out. I believe in America that had a larger variety of colours and finishes available.

Over time I have come to rely more on cream products over powder for my eyes, the key reason: because they set and don't move. As a gal with hooded lids that are also prone to excess oil and creasing shadows, it is important for me to have a cream base or primer to ensure my make-up lasts. Equally, cream shadows allow for a quick and easy pulled together look.

So, what are Revlon offering?

Below we have...

 L-R: 720 Chocolate, 710 Caramel, 705 Creme Brulee

L-R: 755 Licorice, 740 Black Current, 730 Praline

These retail at £6.99 each.

Out of the whole bunch, 720 Chocolate is the only matte shade.

705 Creme Brulee - The lightest shade of the offering. It is a pale, champagne shade.

710 Caramel - A bronze shade 

720 Chocolate - A rich chocolate brown and a matte.

730 Praline - A close relative to Creme Brulee but a little darker, more of a golden undertone.

740 Blackcurrant - A pale purple.

755 Licorice - a steely grey

Having tried these over the last few weeks, I had a few issues with them. They are a very creamy texture which makes them a dream to apply but also means they don't set on the eye. I found that without primer, they creased a lot. On application the colour payoff is very sheer with silver glitter running through them. They look great layered with each other or with a darker base underneath, but I was disappointed when wearing them solo. Overall, I think you can find better quality for the price. While I love Revlon as a brand and I still rely on many of their products, unfortunately I don't rate this one. I had high hopes for you Revlon!!

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