Every Day Make-up for Work

When my alarm goes of at 6am in the morning the first thing I think of is 'more sleep' and then hit the snooze button repeatedly. This is probably why I have 9, yes NINE, alarms set to make me get up in the morning. That's also why I have perfected an easy 15 minute make-up routine that means I can catch those extra ZZZ's.
In my younger years I would wear a full face, smokey eye look every day, the chuck on a pair of lashes and I was ready to go from the desk to the club kinda face. Then I went through a phase of not wearing any make-up to work at all. 

Now with the start of a new job and having some form of reputation to uphold, I found a quick routine that I could throw on and have confidence that I would look presentable with minimum effort. Those smokey eyes are saved for the weekends these days. 

As much as I have created a quick face to apply, it's still a process. Being a very dry skinned girl I try and use as many cream products to keep my skin looking brighter through the day. Not to mention I can use a beautyblender and have everything done in minutes. I start with my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. I use this as a 'primer' but really its a lovely rose colour that gives my dull skin a little lift and also helps my skin not eat all my foundation by the time I get to my desk. 

For foundation I am currently using the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue, this is a light coverage but brings my face back to life. I then follow this with the Bobby Brown corrector under my eyes, I am unfortunate to have the dark circles around my eyes and they often make me look almost ill. This corrector is great for bringing light to my eyes before applying my Collection lasting perfection concealer. I mean, what girl/guy doesn't have one of these floating around their make-up bag?

It's rare that I set my face with powder so I move on to bronzer, this helps me look a little less pale but also less dead in the face, I use an oldie but a goodie - NARS Laguna. I apply my blush which is a new fave MAC Melba. It's a matte blush that I use lightly to give me a little dimension to my cheeks. Ain't no body got time for contour before work. During the week I use a subtle highlight in the form of HOURGLASS ambient lighting powder in Luminous Light. If I am wearing all cream products then I skip bronzer, apply a TOPSHOP cream blush and MAC Cream Colour base in Hush for highlight. 

For the eyes I keep it quick and simple, MAC paint pot in Indianwood, a beautiful bronze colour that never creases on me and has enough colour for me to feel pulled together. I apply L'Oreal Lash Telescopic and run a NYX tinted brow gel through my brows. I then slap on a swipe of KORRES lip balm in MANGO, a lovely orange which applies sheer. 15 minutes later I am ready to get dressed and I'm out the door. 

What are your go to make-up items for work? I'm also interested to hear where you do your make-up, there have been times where I've applied a quick face in the car park at work if I'm running late or even ran to the toilets because I forgot to put my mascara on! 

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