April Reading List: Sophie Kinsella and Austin Wright

From a young age I have always been an avid reader, I have my mother to thank for that. This was a trait that continued into adulthood and I would read anything, from any genre, there were so many books I would recommend to my Mother and vice versa. However as I approached my late twenties, I found my time being taken up by so many other things that months would go by before I picked up a book. 

Earlier this year I decided that this had to change. I set myself a challenge of reading atleast one book per month minimum. So far I am doing quite well! 

Throughout April I managed to read 2 books and I thought I would share my thoughts on them. Kind of like starting my own book club!

My not so perfect life - Sophie Kinsella

I have being reading Sophie Kinsella for years, she is the one author who I would run out and purchase her book as soon as it is released. My not so perfect life was not a disappointment, it was full of funny anecdotes that made me think 'ha that's definitely me'. The story follows country bumpkin Katie trying to make a life for herself in London until her world turns upside down and she ends up moving home and starting a business. Unfortunately one of the customers is her former boss from hell. 
I couldn't help but sit and absorb the story and I breezed through the book, the underlying message is very relevant to social media of today and something we can all take something from. 

Nocturnal Animals (AKA Tony and Susan) - Austin Wright

I came across this from watching the film trailer many months ago. I wasn't sure what to expect as it was originally published in 1994 under the name 'Tony and Susan'. It is essentially a story within a story and is based on Susan's ex-husband trying to be an author and sending her a copy of his first book. We read this along with Susan and understand her thoughts as the chapters unravel. I liked the element of the story that was told within the book and found myself more invested in that than the part of Susan, I haven't seen the film but I can tell it will take a different story-line to the original book. 

I haven't gone into much detail on either books as I don't want to ruin them for anyone but both are worth a read!

I would love to hear if you have any book recommendations for me!

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