How do I deal with Migraines

I remember having my first migraine some 6 years ago, I'd never felt pain like it. Then I began getting them every damn week. The doctors tried to help, I've had my pill changed 3 times, been put on beta blockers and even tried prescription pain relief. Unfortunately, Migraines and severe headaches run in the family so I have no escape. I thought I would share my tips on dealing with Migraines and how I try and avoid them.

Be Bold In Blue - MS Awareness Week

 Today marks the beginning of MS awareness week, which is running from 24th - 30th April 2017. This year their campaign is themed BE BOLD IN BLUE, a colour naturally associated with the MS Trust.

Afternoon Tea at Stoke Rochford Hall

Afternoon tea is one of those quintessentially British things that most of us enjoy. The delicate finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and of course, the pots of tea.   

2017, the year of me

With the start of a New Year comes the age old tradition of New Years Resolutions. The loose weight, join a gym, stop smoking etc and then we have those who stand by the saying page 1 of 365, new year new me type of affirmations. But not for me.

MAC Haul

When I heard that a new MAC store had opened in Queensgate, Peterborough, I knew immediately that I needed to check it out.