Christmas Jumpers I'm wearing this season

As soon as I hear the first Christmas song played on the radio towards the end of November, it brings the excitement of whats to come. The smell of freshly baked mince pies, putting the Christmas tree up, it being perfectly normal to hang a million fairy lights in every room, turkey and stuffing. But ultimately, the Christmas Jumper.

I love me a good Christmas Jumper, each year they are getting better and better. I also enjoy a good Christmas PJ set, this year is the Christmas Pudding Onesie from Boohoo (so comfortable). But this year, the shops seem to have been inundated with exceptional designs.

Here are a few that I picked up.

You'd never guess this subtle number was from Primark! This has to be my favorite choice this year, its soft and stretchy and not so in your face. This cost around £12.

This Gingerbread cutie is from George at ASDA and comes in at £15. It's made of a sweatshirt material so feels nice and comfortable. Who doesn't love gingerbread houses and candy canes at the most wonderful time of year?!

Another one from Asda and priced between £12 - £15, this one is more of a knitwear feel to it with a perfect candy cane heart. However, this one comes with bells which do get a touch annoying after a while!

And finally for the sequin lovers, this sparkly navy number is from NEXT and costs £26. A more expensive choice of the bunch. Also made from a comfortable sweatshirt material, the sequins give this the perfect lift!

I just cant help but love Christmas Jumpers!!

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