Stop and smell the roses with Kate Spade

Kate Spade. One of those timeless, classic brands that never fails to make me ohh and ahh over their products.

Stop and smell the roses. It's a phrase that many people have said to me over the years in one way or another. In recent months I have definitely slowed down and taken on those words of advice, so when I discovered this piece of jewellery I HAD to have it. I first saw this over 6 months ago but it was sold out EVERYWHERE and I have been hunting for it ever since. I was browsing the Selfridges website when low and behold, there it was. One left in stock destined to make its way to me. 10 minutes later it was ordered and paid for. 

Kate Spade Stop and Smell the Roses Bangle £28 - currently available here 

This beautiful piece of arm candy is a rose gold solid bangle, I am cautious of the hinged bangles so this was perfect. I find that rose gold can be a difficult colour to get right, they can end up looking more copper. This one is perfect and compliments my pale skin tone.

I would recommend Kate Spade over all as a brand, it's eloquent and simple. Gradually my collection is growing and so far, no regrets.

Leave me a comment with what your favourite Kate Spade item is!

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