Reasons I love Autumn

There is something about Autumn that just gives me this happy little glow inside. For England, our Autumn doesn't last all that long before Winter strikes and the big coats and scarves come out but for a few blissful weeks I am in my element. Here are a few reasons I love Autumn...

1. The colours
It's the time of year when the warm tones come out to play, the leaves are turning brown, the orange pumpkins are on display and the red lipsticks are being dusted off. I just love it.

2. Candles
For me, there is nothing cosier than lighting some scented candles, snuggling up on the sofa with a cosy blanket and just relaxing. I have been saving my Bath and Body Works ''LEAVES'' candle for this very moment!

3. Jumpers
I love a good jumper and there is something very comforting for me when I bring out those cosy knits. Currently waiting for this ASOS cosy number to come back in stock.

4. Comfort food
'tis the season for hot chocolate and salted caramel. It's perfectly acceptable to eat a whole bar of chocolate to yourself while watching Netflix, Gorge on roast dinner, stews, pies and all that yummy goodness.

5. Halloween and Bonfire Night
My favourite events of the year, pumpkins and fireworks. Yes. Please. Of course these do lead in to the countdown to Christmas, when everyone is playing Michael Buble and baking Mince Pies. I mean who doesn't love that too?!

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