MAC Cranberry - The Forgotten Gem

This time of year, everyone loves reds. Red nails, red lips, red dresses, the possibilities are endless.
However, one of the reds that sits in my makeup wardrobe and often gets over looked is MAC Cranberry. Described as a red plum with pink shimmer and a frost finish, it blends beautifully on the eyes. Being a MAC shadow, it will wear for hours without creasing. Some people say that red eyeshadow can make you look tired with sore eyes, and yes you do have to be careful not to go overboard, BUT it can also go very right and make your eyes look alive!

Personally I enjoy using this shadow in a smokey, sultry look. It complements my blue eyes well and works well in the winter months. It is a cool toned colour which works well when blended with warmer browns but also work's with cooler mattes too. 

I have used this when doing friend's make-up and it has always impressed. I would recommend this product although it can be scary to consider, it always works out. It pairs well with the time of year and I would wear this day or night.

What are your favourite Cranberry toned looks?

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